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calvin or foster

genderfluid (ze/hir or they/them)


birmingham, al


community organizer

flower/pastel/cisphobia enthusiast

21. October 2014


1) all rock and rock-derived music, including the nastiest and fuzziest black metal, is directly descended from african american music. the theft of black music by white artists is well documented by historians of music.

2) the entire metal aesthetic owes itself to the gay erotica artist tom of finland, as interpreted by rob halford and then expanded on by countless legions

3) shut the fuck up

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20. October 2014


Hey y’all, it’s queer ol’ me. I’m trying to get a name change in before I go to college so I can go as the name I want-Violet. Any donations and shares are MUCH appreciated. I want to study either biology or psychology. Maybe be a medical examiner, criminal psychologist,epidemiologist, or a field ornithologist. Where ever life takes me :*.




Inktober #10, based on this post by iwilleatyourenglish.

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"sex and romance is what makes us human!!!" aro/aces proved yet again to be gods

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