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calvin or foster

genderfluid (ze/hir or they/them)


birmingham, al


community organizer

flower/pastel/cisphobia enthusiast



bisexuality means youre attracted to men and women whilst you are a man or woman. if a person you like identifies as a man or woman and you yourself are a man or woman then you are bisexual and the person you like is either a man or woman. bisexuality can only belong to people that identify as men or women and they can only like others that identify as a man or woman. if this does NOT apply to you, then you are pansexual and/or a non-binary gendered person and that is okay. bisexuality doesnt have anything to do with trans or cis people, just identification.

This literally makes no sense and the only good part of this Biphobic Transphobic mess is when you told yourself to shut up in the tags

the fuck even is this trash? *stares down at my bisexual non-binary self* 

my issue with the x-files is that i love the characters but am not that into the cases themselves..


my gender? its not here youll have to call back later

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follow for more straight erasure

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